The campaign logo for free to protest with a circle with on an orange and red background


The campaign aims to end stigma and differential practises against protesters. We will create an environment were protesters, and in particular those who are most discriminated and at risk of marginalisation, are able to exercise their right to protests without fear and discrimination.

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Challenge Hate

#ChallengeHate is ARTICLE 19’s campaign as part of the Media Dialogue in Kyrgyzstan to raise awareness of the international standards relevant to ‘hate speech’ and how these can be used to identify and challenge ‘hate speech’ through positive measures.

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#KeepItReal: ARTICLE19’s campaign on disinformation and free speech in Ireland

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While social media platforms offer valuable spaces to connect, they also hold immense power over the information we see online

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It is time to reclaim our right to protest in Kenya. Our #FreeToProtest coalition, made up of grassroots activists and civil society organisations seeks to reclaim our right in a respectful and impactful way.

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The right to protest is for all of us, it is part of democracy.  #LivreParaProtestar is a coalition-led campaign, defending our right to protest and promoting equal access and a safer society for everyone.

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