Your right to know: A game to navigate the right to information

Your right to know: A game to navigate the right to information - Transparency

Making information requests can be a tricky game of two steps forward, one steps backwards, everywhere in the world.

The right to information gives every person the right to obtain information, documents and data from public bodies and others, without having to give reason. International law has provided States with standards for laws, what are the exemptions and how to appeal in case a request get rejected.  Over 120 countries around the world have adopted comprehensive right to information laws or national policies. This means that 90% of the world’s population lives in a country with a RTI law or policy.

However, where these laws do exist to embed international standards in domestic legal systems, actually using them to make requests can be challenging. Who do you ask? How long you have to wait? Do you have to pay a fee? What to do if the information is classified as top secret?

“Your Right to Know” is a game to help civil society, journalists, activists and others learn to use RTI laws to guarantee their rights, gain knowledge and challenge governments and institutions on key issues.

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