Supporting media reform in Kazakhstan

ARTICLE 19, in conjunction with its local partner Adil Soz, has published two legal briefings on the topic of media freedom in Kazakhstan. Each of the briefings provide guidance for journalists and policymakers in Kazakhstan, who are seeking to reform the restrictive media legislation in the country, and to promote and protect freedom of expression and media freedom.

Guide on reforming media regulation in Kazakhstan: State regulation of media

This document aims to assist legislators and other stakeholders to ensure that any legislative proposals also comply with Kazakhstan’s international obligations in the area of freedom of expression. It focuses particularly on: a) licensing and registration requirements for the media, and; b) state aid to media.

Download the Guide on Reforming media regulation in Kazakhstan in English
Нұсқаулықты жүктеп алыңыз БАҚ-ты мемлекеттік реттеу Халықаралық стандарттар in Khazak
Скачать руководство на Государственное регулирование СМИ in Russian

Free speech vs reputation

This document explains how international human rights standards on freedom of expression address the rights of journalists to publish information and opinions about politicians and public officials. Kazakhstan currently has an array of laws which are highly restrictive of freedom of expression. The country has recently decriminalised defamation but it remains an administrative offence, and insult is still considered a criminal offence.

Download the Guide on Free speech vs reputation in English
нұсқаулықты жүктеп алыңыз Бедел жәнесөз бостандығы in Kazakh
скачать руководство на Репутация и свобода слова in Russian

Given the Kazakhstan government’s commitments to reforming the restrictive media landscape in the country, ARTICLE 19 seeks to make a constructive contribution through these briefings to promoting and protecting media freedom in Kazakhstan.