Senegal: Excessive use of force against protesters threatens rights

ARTICLE 19 expresses its regret at the death of the student Mouhamadou Fallou Sene during the clashes between students of the Gaston Berger University of Saint Louis and the police. Twenty people, including law enforcement officers, were injured in the clashes that followed the students’ demonstration of the late payment of scholarships and working conditions.

ARTICLE 19 is concerned by the recurrence of violations of the right to protest and the excessive use of force against protesters in Senegal. The security forces, guarantors of the security of persons and property must carry out their mission in compliance with the rights guaranteed by the constitution and international standards, while refraining from any disproportionate use of force against protesters and fully complying with international standards for the use of force and firearms.

“The government of Senegal must make every effort to ensure that the perpetrators of the tragic death of Fallu Sene are prosecuted and brought to justice and that the announced investigation is conducted in a transparent and diligent manner so that those responsible are located,” says Fatou. Jagne Senghor, Regional Director of ARTICLE 19 Senegal / West Africa.