“My Pledge” for Tunisia 2014 Election

“My Pledge” for Tunisia 2014 Election - Civic Space

Tunisian flag / Creative Commons

I stand for a society that is free from discrimination and prejudices based on gender, religion and belief, race, ethnicity or nationality or on any other identity grounds.

As a candidate for election in Tunisia, I recognise the important role I play in promoting positive expression and debate. I also realise my actions and statements have the ability to impact on others. In order to create a society that is based on mutual respect, equality and dignity of each person, I pledge to

  • Be a voice for respect and acceptance, and to take positive action with others in my political party and community to create an inclusive and diverse environment in Tunisia
  • Stay alert to all forms of discrimination and reflect on how my speech and actions affect others, especially the treatment of marginalised individuals and groups
  • Challenge hate speech directed to marginalised groups and ensure that no individuals, groups or communities are targeted
  • Keep violence, discrimination and hostility against marginalised groups out of all political debates and take steps to discourage such speech
  • Uphold protection of human rights, especially freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and protection against discrimination, and to maintain Tunisia’s commitment to the domestic and international protection of these rights
  • Support equality and integration to ensure all individuals and groups in society are granted equality of opportunities.