Pakistan: New Cybercrime Bill Threatens the Rights to Privacy and Free Expression

ARTICLE 19 and Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan have serious concerns about measures contained in Pakistan’s proposed Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill (‘PEC Bill’). The Bill contains a number of provisions that, if implemented, would violate the rights to freedom of expression and privacy. We urge members of the Senate of Pakistan to reject the Bill and call on the Pakistani parliament to ensure that any new cybercrime legislation is fully compliant with international human rights standards.

In our joint legal analysis, ARTICLE 19 and Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan address the following concerns:

  1. Power to manage intelligence and issue directions for removal or blocking of access of any intelligence through any information system
  2. Overbroad offences against misuse of computers and lack of public interest defence
  3. Glorification of an offence and hate speech
  4. Overly broad cyber-terrorism offence
  5. Offences against dignity of natural persons
  6. Offences against modesty or a natural person and minor
  7. Cyberstalking
  8. Spoofing
  9. Criminalising the production, distribution and use of encryption tools

Read more information, including our recommendations, in the PDF below.

Pakistan Cyber Crime Joint Analysis.