Messaging Apps: Risk awareness and protecting communications

ARTICLE 19 recently published a sticker pack for Telegram users. This sticker pack aims to raise awareness among Telegram users on safety and security concerns they should take into account when communicating with each other through popular messaging applications, such as Telegram.

The privacy and security of messaging applications are crucial for freedom of expression. ARTICLE 19 wanted to draw attention to risks associated with using communication tools which are not open source, lack end-to-end encryption, and do not have proper security audits. ARTICLE 19 always recommends that people use open-source and tools that use end-to-end encryption to communicate to protect their private communications.

ARTICLE 19 strives for a world where people can safely communicate with each other, free from fear and censorship. We developed the Telegram sticker pack to help make people more aware of risks that they take when using Telegram and other communication tools. We want people to be able to make informed choices about the tools they use to communicate so that they can take proactive steps to protect themselves, their friends, and their families.

ARTICLE 19 has previously highlighted the privacy and censorship risks involved for Iranian Telegram users. For this reason ARTICLE 19 used Telegram as a source to distribute these messages knowing Telegram is one of the most widely used messaging applications in Iran.

However, these security concerns extend worldwide. ARTICLE 19 works globally to protect freedom of expression. From our face-to-face holistic protection training and support for human rights defenders at risk, to our international advocacy work and development of strong international standards, our vision is a world where people are free to express themselves and make informed choices about their lives.

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