International: Internet Governance Forum and the future for free speech

International: Internet Governance Forum and the future for free speech - Digital

The annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is taking place this year during the week of 6-10 December, both online and in Katowice, Poland. A global event, the IGF brings together stakeholders from across government, the private sector, academia, and civil society to discuss critical issues of global Internet governance. At this year’s IGF, ARTICLE 19 will be organising, moderating, and contributing to several sessions tackling three key topics at the intersection of Internet governance and freedom of expression:

Platform governance, exploring the needs for a rights-based approach to content moderation and innovative regulatory solutions. 

Connectivity, including the needs for a rights-based approach to defining meaningful connectivity, sustainable funding for alternative networks, and multi-stakeholder approaches to creating policy change.  

Technology and democracy, particularly the human rights challenges of online voting systems for people and communities.

Events include:

Tuesday, 7 December

Lightning Talk #40: The unexplored Dichotomy of Internet Access and Online Hate with ARTICLE 19’s Catherine Muya
(12:45 – 01:15 UTC)

Workshop #259: Digital cooperation process – analysis from youth lenses with Juliana Novaes
(02:45 – 03:45 UTC)

Workshop #271: Youth talk about IoT security and AI misuse with Juliana Novaes

Wednesday, 8 December 

Workshop #254: Democracy and online voting — challenges and innovations with Paulo Lara, Rafaela de Alcantara
(02:05 – 03:35 UTC)

Workshop #261: Best practices in content moderation and human rights with Vladimir Cortes from ARTICLE 19 Mexico and Central America
(04:30 – 05:30 UTC

Thursday, 9 December

Lightning Talk #8: Tackling digital and social inequalities in a “combo” approach — Why we need to aim higher than techno-solutionism? with Martha Tudon
(05:05 – 05:30 UTC)

Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity: Sustainable Funding Models for Community Networks with Paolo Lara
(12:50 – 14:20 UTC)

Friday, 10 December

Workshop #199: Innovative strategies in achieving universal connectivity with Raquel Renno Nunes
(08:30 – 10:00 UTC)

Workshop #240: Education 4.0 — who is looking at cybersecurity? with Juliana Novaes
(08:30 – 10:00 UTC)

Town Hall #51: Unbundling free speech and innovation on social media
with ARTICLE 19’s Kathleen Boyle, Maria Luisa Stasi and Martha Tudon


For more information about the IGF and ARTICLE 19’s activities at the forum, including side events, please contact or visit the IGF website

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