Honduras: Calling for protection of Dina Meza and all journalists

Attorney General Oscar Chinchilla Banegas
Ministerio Público, Lomas del Guijarro
Avenida República Dominicana
Edificio Lomas Plaza II
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Email: denuncias@mp.hn

13 August 2014

Dear Sir,

Dina Meza, journalist and human rights defender, is seeking a formal update on the investigations into threats that have been received towards her and her family.

The threats forced her to leave Honduras in 2012. Since her return in 2013, the threats have restarted and have recently been growing. She has reported being followed and receiving threating phone calls at home late at night.

As defenders of free speech, we urge you to take these threats very seriously and help ensure that Dina can continue to work without fear. Last month alone, political radio presenter Luis Alonso Fúnez Duarte and TV reporter Herlyn Espinal have both been killed.

We urge you to make Honduras a safe place for all journalists in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Please could you ensure that Dina Meza receives a formal update within 30 days.


Jodie Ginsberg, CEO Index on Censorship

Dario Ramirez, Article 19 Central America