Hard-hitting ad campaign asks who the biggest fans of the UK’s new spying law might be

Hard-hitting ad campaign asks who the biggest fans of the UK’s new spying law might be - Civic Space

The Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) proposes vast and almost wholly unchecked surveillance powers that go way beyond what one would expect of a modern democracy with respect for the rights of its citizens and residents.

ARTICLE 19 and the fellow members of the Don’t Spy on Us campaign know that the IP Bill is a bad idea so we developed a brand new ad campaign is prompting the question: who, apart from the UK government, might want to put entire populations under surveillance?

Check out the campaign here: dontspyonus.org.uk

Today the Don’t Spy on Us campaign launched a hard-hitting advertising campaign that considers who might think the powers in the IP Bill are right up their street. We’ve concluded that we don’t think it would be surprising if Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Xi Jinping, or Robert Mugabe gave the IP Bill a big thumbs up!

The adverts were paid for through grassroots fundraising from individuals who think mass surveillance is a step too far. Thousands of us are asking the UK government to go back to the drawing board to build a bill that is fit for purpose and doesn’t run roughshod over fundamental human rights and civil liberties.

If the ads make you laugh, or stop and think, (or even ideally both!), please sign up to join the call against authoritarian surveillance powers in the UK here: dontspyonus.org.uk

Last time the UK government tried to push through an over-reaching spying law, civil society successfully beat back the worst of the legislation. Whilst it’s vital that the UK get a new law that clearly sets out what the security forces can and cannot do when it comes to surveillance, hacking, and circumventing encryption, the IP Bill must be urgently and dramatically improved

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Photo credit: Steve Bainbridge | http://www.stevebainbridge.net | @BainersUK