ECHR essential for protecting free speech in UK

Responding to the UK Conservative Party’s plans for undermining the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Thomas Hughes Executive Director of ARTICLE 19, said:

“The European Court of Human Rights has been crucial in protecting the right to freedom of expression in the UK.”

“As a final court of appeal it has shown time and again that it is a vital backstop when the British courts fail to protect free speech.”

“From the 1970s when the ECHR supported the Sunday Times publication of the thalidomide scandal, to curbing court abuses during the McLibel trials, the¬†ECHR has filled the gap where there are bad court decisions, repressive UK laws, or simply no laws at all.”

“If these plans go ahead, the UK will take a step back to the 1950s. I sincerely hope we never see this happen.”