Brazil: Report on violations against freedom of expression in 2018

2018 was a severely dangerous year for journalists around the world, with an increase in murders, arrests and attacks aimed to stop them carrying out their work. 

In Brazil, the number of serious crimes committed against journalists and communicators in 2018 are among the highest on record for the country, reaching 35. 

This report by ARTICLE 19 Brazil monitors violations to freedom of expression and the number of serious crimes committed against communicators in Brazil in 2018. 

Our research finds that communicators working in small towns, far from metropolitan centres face particular risk of violence and attacks but these cases are generally ignored or disregarded, rarely making national news. 

Our analysis focuses on direct attacks to the lives of communicators: murders, attempted murders, death threats, kidnappings and torture – all committed because of the communicators’ expressing their freedom of expression. 

The report presents an overview of crimes committed and case studies, followed by an analysis of Brazil’s current political context: the backdrop for many of the cases. 

Finally, the report presents an interview with citizen journalist and writer, Anderson França, who shares his experience as a communicator in Brazil and the threats he has encountered.

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