Brazil: Marco Civil law adopted

Brazil: Marco Civil law adopted - Digital

Camilita Ajiambo Siata types on a computer keyboard. She works for a Nairobi internet provider as a website designer, having gained professional training at Nairobits, a non-profit organisation which educates and trains youth from the poorer areas of the city. Camilita earns to support her whole family.

On the day that Brazil adopted the Marco Civil – a law aimed at protecting human rights online – Paula Martins, South America Director said:

“ARTICLE 19 welcomes the adoption of the Marco Civil which will protect the right to freedom of expression online for the people of Brazil. The law recognises that freedom of expression is fundamental in order to exercise the right to access the internet. It also places the liability for content on users and not on service providers, and legislates for net neutrality among other positive steps.”

“We commend the Brazilian government for including civil society voices and opinions in the development of the law. Organisations such as ARTICLE 19’s Brazil office have engaged at every step along the way.”