ARTICLE 19’s 2016 Annual Report

ARTICLE 19 today launches our Annual Report for 2016, detailing our achievements and impact over the course of the past year.

In spite of a rising tide of threats to freedom of expression around the globe, we have worked nationally, regionally and internationally to promote media freedom, increase access to information, protect journalists and human rights defenders, fight the shrinking of civic space, and place human rights at the heart of developing digital spaces. Building on our successes in 2015, we continued to innovate and advocate, fighting censorship and challenging violations of freedom of expression and information.

Our Annual Report presents the highlights of our work internationally, under the five themes of our core strategy, The Expression Agenda – civic space, digital, media, protection, and transparency. The report showcases the diversity and impact of our work from national parliaments to the UN to Internet governance forums. Engaging around the world, from Brazil to Bangladesh and The Gambia to Turkey, our 2016 Annual Report is a testament to the hard work and successes of ARTICLE 19’s staff and partners.

Read our Annual Report in full.