Pro democracy protestors demonstrating in Thailand

Check out ARTICLE 19’s podcasts below, which delve into freedom of expression issues.

‘Boundaries of Expression’ is produced and presented by Jo Glanville. It takes an in-depth look at freedom of expression issues with a panel of three expert guests. Episodes explore the central debates surrounding topics such as the right to truth, protest, privacy and surveillance. Each episode is accompanied by an essay from Jo, released in six-week intervals.

‘Silenced’. presented by Nicola Kelly and produced by Chris Hooton, explores extraordinary real-life stories from journalists and activists around the world. Every fortnight, we will hear the experiences of those who have been arrested, detained and murdered in their pursuit of the truth. Told in the first-person narrative and through immersive sound, the series will take us into the lives of those seeking justice and holding their governments to account.

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Boundaries of Expression

Freedom of expression in a pandemic

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