Iran: UPR must result in a strong call to address human rights violations

Iran's deteriorating human rights situation

Iran's UPR 2019

On 8 November 2019 UN Member States will participate in Iran’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR). They will assess the extent to which Iran has implemented human rights recommendations it accepted during its last UPR in 2014,  raise outstanding human rights concerns, and make further recommendations to the government on how to improve the situation. Iran will then choose which recommendations it is willing to accept.

As ARTICLE 19’s joint submission to the UPR process detailed, the human rights situation in Iran has significantly deteriorated since 2014, particularly the right to freedom of expression and information.

Journalists, human rights defenders and activists are increasingly criminalised and handed extreme sentences against the guarantees of international human rights law. Online, the state’s clampdown on expression has become more severe, censoring websites and apps, disrupting internet access and engaging in surveillance that does not meet the requirements of legality, necessity or proportionality, severely violating people’s rights.

We call on all States to respond to this by making strong and targeted recommendations for Iran to to put an end to violations and institute the changes needed to guarantee this right in law and practice.

We urge Iran to accept all recommendations relating to freedom of expression and information, and work with all relevant stakeholders on the reform processes that will be required to implement them.

Our UPR submission

ARTICLE 19 and Access Now submitted a joint report detailing freedom of expression issues in Iran for consideration ahead of its UPR. The report highlights how freedom of expression has severely deteriorated in Iran with an unprecedented crackdown on freedom of expression online; and harsh repression of protesters and activists. Our monitoring shows that the vast majority of UPR recommendations accepted by Iran to improve human rights have seen no progress. And many have significantly regressed.

Read our UPR submission


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