International standards on tackling hate

Video: Action on UN standards to tackle hate

ومضة تحسيسية من إعداد منظمة المادة 19 حول القرار رقم 18/16

Video: Combatir el odio utilizando los estándares de la ONU

Briefing: Action to promote inclusion, diversity and pluralism

This briefing explores how States should respond to rising intolerance and hate in all parts of the world, by promoting inclusion, diversity and pluralism.

Setting out human rights obligations to promote inclusion, diversity and pluralism, as well as the commitments in place to guide States, this briefing shows how States and other actors can effectively tackle hate while promoting and protecting the mutually reinforcing rights to freedom of expression, freedom of religion or belief, and equality. These UN standards and commitments provide a means to tackle the growing phenomena of hate and intolerance, both for governments and civil society.

Implementing these standards and engaging with relevant UN mechanisms is key to promoting inclusion, diversity and pluralism at the national and local levels.

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‘Hate Speech’ Explained: A Toolkit

This toolkit provides a guide to identifying and countering  ‘hate speech’, while protecting the rights to freedom of expression and equality.

It gives clear guidance on identifying “hate speech,” and how to respond to challenges ‘hate speech’ poses within a human rights framework, addressing three key questions:

  1. How do we identify ‘hate speech’ that can be restricted, and distinguish it from protected speech?
  2. What positive measures can States and others take to counter ‘hate speech’?
  3. Which types of ‘hate speech’ should be prohibited by States, and under which circumstances?

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